Links to Websites in English

Feel free to use the button above to link to on your own websites; and if you run an UTAU centric website, I'd be glad to link back.

The largest (and one of the oldest) forum for overseas UTAU users.

UTAU Wiki 2.0
UTAU voicebank database; successor to the UTAU Wiki.

Links to Websites in Japanese

utau2008 / utau-synth
Offical UTAU websites administered by Ameya.

One of the first UTAU help/tutorial sites. Made in 2010 and was shut down in 2012\with an archive just recently coming back online;hosted on

An UTAU voicebank database\similar to the UTAU Wiki. Also contains various tutorials on UTAU.

UTAU User Wiki
An UTAU User wiki; covers many of the topics as here.

UTAU Voicebank Making Wiki
A wiki on voicebank making; contains links to many resources such as reclists, guide BGMs, etc.

Links to Website in Other Languages

UTAU Naver Cafe
A Korean language UTAU forum.

Korean UTAU Wiki
A Korean language UTAU wiki; also contains tutorials.

UTAU Tutorial Station
A Chinese language UTAU tutorial site run by Haru.jpg.

Chinese UTAU Wiki
A Japanese language wiki for Chinese UTAU only; also has a Chinese language version.

Links to UST Websites

Please make sure to follow each person's ToS, as they're an integral part of our community.

Echoblossom123's USTs | nmasao1's USTs | UtauReizo's USTs | Pandalolii's USTs
Soffie101's USTs | NeeMiSo's USTs | half a head's USTs