Installing UTAU

Installing UTAU is a simple process―and if you do it right, you shouldn't any problems with your program not working. As of now we're going to talk about installing UTAU for PC, but later on an installation guide for OSX will be included.


The single most important thing to do in order to ensure that the program functions correctly is to set your locale to Japanese. Setting your locale to Japanese allows your computer to run UTAU with the ability to use non-unicode characters, such as Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. UTAU is programmed using these characters, and many voicebanks and most UST files use them. Using UTAU without locale can even cause problems as well, such as gibbersh instead of Japanese―think "?‘¶asa". All in all, you need locale―and there's no way around it.

gibberish in UTAU without locale

Changing the locale to Japanese is fairly simple, but depending on what version of Windows you're running the steps will be different. Follow the steps below according to what OS you run, and you'll be good to go.

Downloading UTAU

Now that we've changed our locale, we can download UTAU. Please note, you must change your locale before you download UTAU, or it'll be corrupted.

UTAU is downloadable from two official websites, utau2008 and utau-synth.The former is the original website for UTAU, and thus contains many older versions of UTAU on it; while utau-synth has been running since the release of UTAU Synth―the Mac port of UTAU. We're going to download UTAU from utau2008 in this case, because it's more straightforward for Windows users.

To download UTAU, go, and click on the first link under "DOWNLOAD";the closer to the top of the list the newer it is―in this case, the newest version of utau is v0.4.18e.

Installing UTAU

Once UTAU has downloaded, be sure to unzip the .exe file and double click to begin installing.

Follow the animation above and you're done.