Plugins for UTAU

Many UTAU users have developed plugins for UTAU, and some are listed below. To install plugins, create a folder labeled plugins and simply extract them there.

Lyric Diphonizer by 564
ImportVSQX by Tty
Romaji to Hiragana UST Converter by VqƑ
The Best Things I Could Think of, etc. by bizz
VCV Filename Converter (Romaji to Hiragana) by sabine10067
Hiragana to Romaji Voicebank Converter by nmasao1
UTAU Resampler Patcher by nmasao1

Resources for UTAU Synth

Due to UTAU Synth functioning differently from standard UTAU, and being meant for macOS instead of Windows, plugins that are meant for standard UTAU are not compatible with it.

UTAU-Synth Translation Project by InochiPM
Romaji/Hiragana UST Converter for Mac by _caustic_
UTAU-Synth Resource Replacement Kit by Hairclips