Shareware UTAU

While UTAU is generally a free program, there is a shareware version avaliable. It's important to keep in mind that although there are a few special features, the majority of the program is the same as freeware UTAU. However, I still implore you to purchase shareware UTAU if you have the money. It's important to support Ameya, the creator and developer of the software.

What's Different?

Shareware UTAU has three features that really set it apart from it's freeware counterpart, which include auto conversion to VCV, waveforms, and gradient changes to the interface.

shareware splash screen

Shareware UTAU changes the interface to include a gradient on the menu bar, splash screen, and on the UTAU version information box.

The auto conversion function is as simple as it can get. To convert a UST to VCV using shareware UTAU, click the "A" button in the lower left corner. To activate waveforms in UTAU, click the "w" button in the lower left corner.

Purchasing Shareware UTAU

UTAU can be purchased either from vector or DLmarket. We'll be using DLmarket today because of the English\albeit a small amount\on the website.

3,497 JPY equates to roughly equates to 30 USD at the time of writing

Once on DLmartket, click Add to cart; this will direct you to the checkout page. Click Proceed to Checkout and scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out your account information, pressing ŽŸ‚ึ. next.
After clicking next, you'll be at the page where you enter payment details; most of the payment options are Japan only, so we'll be using PayPal/Credit Card. Simply select the bubble that's above the PayPal box. Afterwards, scroll down and click ŽŸ‚ึ. next.

Enter your payment details, and congrats, you've purchased UTAU.

Installing Shareware UTAU

Installing shareware UTAU takes no time at all; access the code on DLmarket purchases page, then navigate to Help, and click Enter Registration Key.