What is VCCV?

VCCV is a method of UTAU English designed by Cz, and has quickly become the standard. VCCV English includes a custom aliasing, phonetics, OTO'ing, and a custom UST'ing method. Cz has designed VCCV to be modular as well, and has also said that there will additional lists in the future.

While English is currently the only language supported by Cz's VCCV method, induviduals have adapted VCCV to other languages.

VCCV Phonetics

Cz goes over the pronunciation of VCCV English's phonetics in the guide below.

A chart with VCCV English's phonetic equivalents in X-Sampa can be seen here.

Using VCCV

When using VCCV, if the .UST is already in VCCV format, you'll just need to fit the voicebank to the .UST. However, if the .UST isn't in VCCV format, you'll need to follow Cz's guide on how to .UST VCCV English to see how to convert it to VCCV format.

There are also plugins developed for VCCV English as well, such as the VCCV English Lyric Parser―which can convert lyrics into VCCV format.

Recording VCCV

VCCV English is intended to be recorded with, while not limited to, OREMO. Watch Cz's guide below for specifics.


VCCV has been set up to require mininal effort when it comes to OTO'ing, as if the recording guide is followed, there should only be minimal adjustments to the base. In the guide below, Cz demonstrates how to OTO VCCV using setParam.